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Rental Applications

You may fill out an application online through our Vacancies page, or download the paper application here.

Rental Application Requirements

All persons to reside in the rental property who are at least 18 years of age must complete an application.

    • A $50 per person application fee must be received prior to the application process beginning.
    • Applications must be fully completed in order to be processed.
    • Applications will be processed as received. Please note that an application is an offer to rent, submitted by the applicant/prospective tenant to the agent/owner and that Messick Properties Group, Inc., works for and represents the property owner. An application “in process” does not reserve the rental property for the applicant. The completed and approved application party (including all applicants to reside in the rental property) will be notified of the approval. Should there be more than one application party approved for the same property, the party that submits the reservation deposit first will get to lease the property. Applicants may submit the reservation deposit at the same time that the application and application fee are submitted.

Tenant Qualification Requirements

Prospective tenants must be of 20 years of age or older*, must intend to reside in the property, and must meet certain requirements:

Basic Requirements (must meet two of the following criteria)

    • Gross monthly income of 3 times the amount of monthly rent**
    • Credit ratings within the last five years of acceptable standards (a majority of credit ratings of “1”)
    • Favorable rental reference from previous non-relative landlord (within last three years)

*Messick Properties Group, Inc., does not rent to individuals of legal age, but less than 20 years of age unless residing with a blood-related family member who is 20 years of age or older and meets the requirements stated above.

**Each prospective tenant must qualify separately, except that the combined gross income will be considered for legally married prospective tenants where both will be tenants residing in the property.

Additional Requirements

    • Payment of non-medical collections/judgments which may appear on credit reports OR increased security deposit amount.
    • Depending upon information received, criminal/civil court records may also be required.

Criminal activities or an Unfavorable rental reference may override all other criteria resulting in denial of application.


    • The number of occupants allowed in a rental property is based upon the number of bedrooms: two persons per bedroom. Exceptions to this rule are possible based upon such factors as square footage, type of sewer system, etc.
    • If the owner of the rental property allows pets, then one pet of up to 35 lbs. adult weight of a common domestic breed may be allowed upon payment of a $300 nonrefundable pet fee. No reptiles or large birds are allowed. The owner of rental property may further restrict pets which may be kept in the property. Service/guide dogs always allowed with no deposit.
    • Owners of rental properties may require no smoking in their properties.

Messick Properties Group, Inc. does not deny tenancy based on any of the following criteria:
Race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical or mental handicaps, or familial status.

Download a copy of the tenant requirements here.