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Messick Properties Group, Inc.

There is nothing worse than discovering that a tenant has damaged the property or has caused other problems. The process of filtering out potential tenants can be daunting, especially when a property is being rented out for the first time. Fortunately, Winston-Salem property management is available to help reduce the tension and make it possible to enjoy the benefits of renting out a property or several properties.

The property management services that are provided by Messick Properties Group, Inc. make it easy to find quality tenants. The professional Winston-Salem property management services focus on reducing potential risks and providing the tools to find the best individuals for the property.

Along with the management services, Messick Properties Group, Inc. provides assistance with the sale of a property, auctions and the management of a homeowners association. The full array of services make it possible to enjoy real estate of any type without facing complications or challenges.

Management services that are available include:

  • Finding new tenants
  • Renewing leases
  • Running credit checks
  • Providing maintenance services for a rented property
  • Managing potential problems that can arise when a property is being auctioned, sold or rented

Getting the right professionals to handle the process of renting out a property or managing problems that arise in a timely manner is the key reason that Messick Properties Group, Inc. is the right company for your needs. We offer timely and professional services that prevent complications throughout the process.

As a real estate company that offers a variety of services, we understand the concerns that may arise and take steps to limit your risks. Our professional staff are trained and capable of handling any problem that arises so that you can enjoy the benefits of renting out your apartments without facing unnecessary worries or challenges.