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About Us

Messick Properties Group, Inc. was established in 1989 as a full-service real estate company. As a full-service company, we offer assistance to buyers, sellers and renters. Our services also include property management and homeowner’s association management.

It is our belief that giving the best services and assistance allows the owner of a property to find the right tenants for his or her building. The services that we offer to the owners of a building include assistance finding the right tenants, recommendations and property management.

Our services go beyond the basics of managing a property because we offer advice regarding the price that is appropriate for the property, information about preparing a property to rent it out and recommendations about the appropriate solutions when something unexpected occurs after renting out an apartment.

Although our management services account for roughly 80 percent of our business, we also offer assistance to renters who are looking for the perfect apartment. Our rental services help individuals, families and business owners find the space that is most appropriate based on their budget and goals.

All of our tenants have gone through our strict application process, which includes a credit history check and recommendations from a previous landlord. We evaluate the needs and goals of our tenants so that we can help them find the right property.

Renting out a property requires constant vigilance and management. That is where we can help property owners and tenants. Our management services ensure that tenants are getting assistance in a timely manner and that the owner is always aware of potential challenges that may arise.